We contribute to overseas suppliers and Japanese buyers in chemical industry by building up their business channel.

We contribute to overseas suppliers and Japanese buyers in chemical industry by building up their business channel.

Personal Profiles

Representative of Ip-labo

Place of Birth: Yamaguchi Pref.

Address: Akashi City, Hyogo Pref.

Education: M.S. in applied chemistry, Kyushu Univ.

Business Career: Joined Kaneka, a chemical company listed in the first section of the Tokyo stock exchange, working for R&D for 27 years, for procurement for 7 years, and finally for management of R&D for three years. 

Established Ip-labo in 2007.  


  1. Overall personal contribution to ordinary profit for R&D at Kaneka: 13.8 billion Yen
  2. Overall personal contribution to cost saving for procurement at Kaneka: 19 billion Yen

    Examples of overseas procurement: Frame retardant(from Taiwan)Special vinyl monomer(from China)Reductant(from Taiwan)


  1. Manager of hazardous chemicals(all categories)
  2. Sanitation supervisor
  3. Fire prevention manager
  4. Measurement specialist workplace environment(dust)
  5. Business skill in bookkeeping (3rd class)

Personal Principle: To be honest at all times.

Interests: Fishing, trip, walking, appreciating music, playing table tennis and badminton, enjoying hot springs, Go game, Shogi(Japanese chess), etc.. 

How key know-how of optimal procurement was developed

  Started to work at Procurement Div. at the age of 50.

  Pursued how to achieve the optimal procurement and recognized the problem on the way of purchasing based simply on the experience. 

  Contemplated this problem day and night and eventually found that “key factors  are WHY, WHAT, WHERE and HOW MUCH.”

  By still more serious thinking, he reached the conclusion that the vital factors are “From WHERE and at WHAT PRICE.“ 

  To be specific、what is most important lies in the following two points:

・“How can we find the suppliers all across the world?”

・“How can we know the price of the international market?

  Only by sitting in the office, about 90 % of the necessary information came to be collected. By utilizing this know-how, it became possible to approach nearer and nearer to the optimal procurement.  

  Taking the opportunity of starting his company, Ip-labo, in July, 2007, he decided to make this scientific method to be known in public. At the same time, he applied for the patent in the category of the business model.

Representative of Ip-labo 

Tsuneo Yamamoto

Kinki Chemical Society CA-adviser( procurement )



Overseas Affairs of Ip-labo

Overseas Affairs(1) of Ip-labo

Education: M.S. in applied chemistry, Hokkaido Univ.

Business career:Joined a fiber and chemical company in Mitsubishi group, initially working for R & D ,then, for production management at acrylic fiber plant. After that, became responsible for overseas project, and visited over 20 countries for business negotiation, contract preparation and project implementation. Finally, assumed CEO for six years at joint venture company with Austria in Japan. Established an individual proprietaryship in 2004 to offer oversears business consulting, translation and interpreting services to manufacturers, trading firms, foreign subsidiaries in Japan, and the like.

Qualifications in Technology: Manager of hazardous chemicals, Manager of class-1 high pressure vessel, Safety manager of pressurized gas manufacturing, Manager for environmental protection (class-1 water treatment), Measurement specialist of workplace environment. 

Qualifications in Language: Practical English proficiency 1st class, TOEIC point 860, Practical French proficiency 3rd class.

Experience of major projects: Engineer training and coordinator function for refinery construction  project in Nigeria. Polymeric fiber manufacturing licensing to India. Spandex plant export to Taiwan. PP fiber plant export to Turkey. Optical product molding equipment export to France and USA.

Interests: Playing tennis, trekking, wine tasting, overseas trip. Currently, leaning French as he takes interest in French culture.

Overseas Affairs of Ip-labo


Masakatsu Yoshida


Overseas Affairs(2) of Ip-labo

ducation: Chuo University (Bachelor of English Literature, March 1995)

Business career:

2014-2017   Air Liquide Japan Ltd., Hyogo, Japan

   Sourcing Manager of (IM/HC) Procurement Team, Procurement Department

・Manager in charge of CR for Cryogenic Equipment and installation, removal and transportation.


2011-2014   Panasonic Corporation, Osaka, Japan

   Councilor of Global Procurement Center, Appliances Company

・Managing cost reduction activities of global 9 factories of Air-conditioners

   Councilor of Procurement Company, Corporate Procurement Division

・Accomplished cost reduction of hundreds of millions of yens every year(CR ratio 5-50%).

・Deploying CR activities of steel covering more than half of 49 divisions such as LED, Gutters, 

 Sidings/Roofs, Refrigerators, Air-conditioners, EcoCute, TVs, Mounters and Residential House.

・Educated Panasonic’s “ITAKONA” cost analysis to persons in charge at manufacturing sites.

・Demonstrated my own “ITADORI” build-up approach and enhanced procurement.


2005-2011   Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd., Osaka, Japan

   Manager of Corporate Procurement Headquarters

・Made drastic reforms of the corporate procurement and switched from Dispersed Purchasing

 to Centralized Contract of steel in 6 months for the first time in a quarter-century.

・Supervised the company-wide procurement policy of steel and processed steel products.

・Proposed and conducted several dozen cost reduction activities for PV generations, HV batteries,

 2nd batteries, Optical pick-ups, Motors, Power conditioners and Cold-chains(Ave CR ratio 5-25%).

・Performed M.R.O. cost reduction activities such as Conveyor belt, Fire extinguisher, Fence, etc.

   Assistant Manager of Overseas Sales Company

・Established Centralized Contract for Korean POSCO Steel previous to HQ policy.

・Maintained long term relations with Taiwanese “China Steel” and Korean “DongBu Steel” .


2000-2005   Samsung Japan Corporation, Tokyo, Japan

   Assistant Manager of Steel Division, Osaka Branch

・Improved of managing contract balance, ocean shipment, domestic trucking and credits.

・Developed new import business of Korean DKC’s stainless plates (from 2 to 15 customers).

・Concluded 3 large spot contract of Chinese Baosteel heavy plates to domestic shipbuilding.


1995-2000   Hanwa Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan

   Heavy Plates Department, Osaka Head Office

・Acquired Organized Business (Steel makers, 1st/2nd processors and steel frame fabricators)

   Specialty Metals and Alloys Department, Tokyo Head Office 

・Developed whole new business of Antimony Metal and gained 20% Market share of Import.

・Learned foreign trade and scrap recycle business and expanded sales of Indium (1→20 users).

Overseas Affairs of Ip-labo

Suzuki Toshihiro


Overseas Affairs(3) of Ip-labo

Adress:1204, Thanktus Minamishinagawa, Minamishinagawa 4-2-38, Shinagawa-Ku, Tokyo, 140-0004, JAPAN


Education:Bachelor of Economics, Hosei University

Work history:


Worked for 100-yen shop “Daiso”. After experiencing domestic store managers, participated in launching overseas stores. Responsible for the Middle East including UAE, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain.
From 2008 to the present

Changed his job to an automotive parts trading company. Engaged in export sales to Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Latin America, trade practice, sales planning, and counting management of overseas subsidiaries.

Backpacker: 2005-2007
Traveling around the world on a west trip from Japan. Visited 53 countries in Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe and Americas in 2 years.

AIBA Certified International Trade Advisor, Trading business test (B class), Retail sales and Management Specialist (1st class), Fundamental Information Technology Engineer, Bookkeeping (3rd class)

Interests:Reading, fitness, baseball, table tennis, drinking

Overseas Affairs of Ip-labo

Atsushi Kimura




2-41-12, Akuwanishi, Seya-ku,
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1204, Thanktus Minamishinagawa, Minamishinagawa 4-2-38, Shinagawa-Ku, Tokyo, 140-0004, JAPAN
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