We contribute to overseas suppliers and Japanese buyers in chemical industry by building up their business channel.

We contribute to both overseas chemical material suppliers and Japanese chemical companies by building up the sales / procurement routes.

2024年4月1日付けで、化学原料コストダウン研究所から合同会社ip-labo(ip-labo LLC.)に変わりました今までにも増して、お付き合いの程、よろしくお願い申し上げます。

Welcome to our website

Corporate Philosophy


 Our motto is to satisfy our clients through extending “procurement service”

  1. by Acting with global-scale professional knowledge,
  2. Rendering reliability to clients through result-orient approach,
  3. Offering trustworthy follow-up service, always caring for “customer satisfaction”, and
  4. Respecting mutual benefits of clients and their suppliers relating to our service.

Long Term Perspective

  Our eventual goal is to establish the coordinating system covering the worldwide network of Buyers and Suppliers in the chemical industry. 

  For this purpose, we will build up the web site where Overseas Manufacturers registered with us can find the promising Japan-based Buyers by the use of our core technologies.

  At the present moment, there is no need for the manufacturers to pay any charges. 

  When the registered member companies have reached a certain number, it may become necessary to ask the member companies to share the sales promotion costs in the form of registration fee, annual membership fee and/or advertisement charges.



Greeting from Representative

Our company, ip-labo LLC. was founded in July, 2007. We specialize in rendering contracted service on overseas purchasing/ procurement of chemical materials for the Japanese Buyers intending to find Overseas Supplier that can meet the need of Japanese companies.

 This kind of service has been extended by the Japanese trading firms or Japanese subsidiaries/branch offices of foreign-based companies. But, it has been often difficult to build up the satisfactory relations between the Seller and the Buyer.

  For the Overseas Chemical Product Manufacturers, there must be a strong desire to work with a Japanese Partner having the expert marketing knowledge to find the Japan-based chemical enterprises, namely Buyers. On the other hand, the Buyers are desirous of building up the close and trustable relationship with the Overseas Suppliers by achieving the direct communication. 

 Therefore, we can say that what is really needed is not the function of the trading firm but the “consulting service” to coordinate the both parties of international export-import trade. It is exactly the role that we can play.

 At our company, there are knowledgeable chemical engineers having the expert skill on procuring the chemical raw materials, and they can support the Buyers in this function by the use of the scientific core technologies of our own.

For the Overseas Manufacturers like you, it would be possible to enjoy great benefits by utilizing the newest business model developed by us. 

Representative of ip-labo LLC.

Tsuneo Yamamoto


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