We contribute to overseas suppliers and Japanese buyers in chemical industry by building up their business channel.

We contribute to both overseas chemical material suppliers and Japanese chemical companies by building up the sales / procurement routes.

Description of our Business

Outline of our Service

We extend our service on the basis of the business model described below:

  Under the contract with the Japan-based chemical companies desiring to procure the raw materials from the new overseas source, namely the Buyer, we perform such procurement job on behalf of such client and receive the success fees from the client when the specific procurement role is regarded as fulfilled.

  On the other hand, we do not solicit any fees from the Overseas Suppliers. 

  Therefore, the Suppliers can enjoy the benefit of our coordinating service and get the direct access to our client, namely the Buyer.

  In the initial stage, the communication between the Supplier and the Buyer is done through us. But, upon the commencement of the commercial purchasing, there will be no intervention from us in the communication route, and the direct contact will become possible between the parties concerned.

Benefits of Overseas Suppliers

 You, as an Overseas supplier, can expect to enjoy the benefits as indicated below:

  1. You can expect to increase the sales of your product on a commercially significant scale.
  2. The probability for you to succeed in the bidding is very high as we employ the scientific sourcing method and our enquiry is based on the positive and actual demand of the Japanese Buyer.
  3. If you offer the internationally competitive price, the probability is quite high for you to win the order and to establish the long-lasting stable business.
  4. The cost saving of your product is guaranteed as you do not have to any commission to the trading firm nor any payment to us.
  5. By contacting directly, you can have close communication the Buyer in Japan.
  6. You can also enjoy the benefits as given below: 
  • There is a chance that you can sell your product to the overseas plant of the Japanese Buyer.
  • In addition to the product enquired by us, you can find the opportunity to promote the sale of other products to the Japanese Buyer.


Examples of Chemical Products to be Procured from Overseas Source

Please see below for the chemical materials handled by us in our coordinating service:

  • Plastics
  • Additive to Plastics (Plasticizer, anti-oxidant, UV-ray absorber, stabilizer, lubricant, filler, flame retardant, etc.)
  • Synthetic Rubber
  • Additive to Synthetic Rubber (Vulcanizing agent, vulcanizing accelerator, etc.)
  • Organic Solvent
  • Monomer/Co-monomer
  • Oligomer
  • Surfactant
  • Dispersing Agent
  • Polymerization Initiator/Catalyst
  • Reaction Agent for polymerization/Cross-linking Agent
  • Oxidant/Reductant
  • Additive to Polymerization
  • Neutralizing Agent
  • Dyestuff/Pigment
  • Other Inorganic Chemicals
  • Other Organic Chemicals



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